Máy thử độ cứng BRINELL HUATEC XHB-3000

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Máy thử độ cứng BRINELL HUATEC XHB-3000

Testing Range:(8650)HBW

Test Force:612.9N(62.5Kgf), 980N(100Kgf), 1226N(125Kgf), 1839N(187.5Kgf), 2452N(250Kgf), 4900N(500Kgf), 7355N(750Kgf), 9800N(1000Kgf), 14700N(1500Kgf), 29400N(3000kgf)

Accuracy of Displayed Hardness Value

Hardness Range(HBW)

Max tolerance


≤ 125

± 3

≤ 3.5


± 2.5

≤ 3.0


± 2.0

≤ 2.5

Max Height of the speciment: 225mm

Max Distance from the indenter center to the instrument panel: 135mm

Magnification of the microscope: 20X

Min Reading Grade of the Drum wheel of the microscope: 0.00125mm

Power supply and Voltage: AC220V/50-60Hz

Main Accessories

Tables: large, small, and v-shaped each

Hard Alloyed Steel Balls Indenters: Φ2.5mm, Φ5mm and Φ10mm each.

One Microscope: 20X

Two Standard Hardness Blocks.

Hãng sản xuất: HUATEC

Xuất xứ: Trung quốc

Bảo hành: 12 tháng



The Brinell hardness test that shows the largest indentation among all the hardness tests is able to reflect the comprehensive features of the material, and the test is unaffected by the organizational micro-dioptre and the compositional unevenness of the speciment; and hence it is a hardness testing with high precision. The Brinell hardness test is widely used in such industrial fields as metallurgy, forging, casting, unhardened steel and nonferrous metals industries, as well as in the laboratories, universities, colleges and scientific research institutes.

Main Features
XHB-3000 Digital Brinell Hardness Tester is a unified product combining the precise mechanical structure with the computer control by means of the optical, mechanic and electrical circuit system, and so it is the most advanced brinell hardness tester in today’s world. The instrument adopts the motorized test force application without weight blocks, and uses 0.5‰ accuracy compression sensor to feedback the information and the CPU control system to automatically compensate the test force lost during the testing. The indentation is directly measured on the instrument through the microscope, and the LCD screen indicates the diameter, the hardness value, and 17 different hardness testing comparison tables as well as the HBW range automatically shown under the present presetting. It is possible to preset the load dwell time and the intensity of the light on the window page , and design a F/D2 selection table to facilitate the operation of the user. The instrument is completed with a RS232 serial interface connected with a PC for final read-out, the printer and the date storage.

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