Máy thử độ cứng tự động BRINELL HUATEC HBA-3000A

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Máy thử độ cứng tự động BRINELL HUATEC HBA-3000A

Technical data:
Loads:3000kgf (29400N), 1500Kgf (14700N), 1000Kgf (9800N), 750Kgf(7355N),
500Kgf (4900N), 250Kgf (2452N), 187.5Kgf (1839N), 125Kgf (1226N),
100Kgf (980N), 62.5Kgf(612.9N)
Load dwell duration: 2s
99s, can be set and stored
Tungsten Carbide Ball indenter: 10mm
Measuring range:  3.18HBW~658HBW
Accuracy of indention measureing: ±0.5%
Accuracy of Brinell Hardness Value:
Hardness Range(HBW)    Error (
)    Repeatability()
≤ 125    ± 2.5    ≤3.0
HBW≤225    ± 2.0    ≤2.5
225     ±1.5     ≤2.0
Max measurable height:  200 mm
Max measurable depth:  140 mm
Dimensions:  530mm×260mm×750mm
Power supply:  220/110 V, 50/60 Hz, 4A
Weight: 120kg
Standard blocks: 125-350HBW10/3000, 125-350HBW10/1000

Hãng sản xuất: HUATEC

Xuất xứ: Trung quốc

Bảo hành: 12 tháng



  • Innovative closed-loop technology. The tester incorporates the latest load cell technology. The test load is applied via a closed-loop control unit with a load cell, a DC motor and an electronic measurement and control unit. The result is highly accurate measurements at all test loads up to 0.5%. The common load overshoot or undershoot as known from traditional dead weight, or open-loop, systems is eliminated. The absence of mechanical weights not only eliminates friction problems but also makes the equipment less sensitive to misalignments caused by vibrations.
  • The whole weight of the tester is 50% less than the traditional dead weights type tester.
  • Test load selection by keyboard and LCD screen. No need of handling heavy weights or cleaning the messy oil.
  • Fully automatic test cycles. The hardness Tester features a fully automatic test cycle, load application, holding, unloading, is performed fully automaticly. This greatly improves reproducibility of test results since operator influence is eliminated.
  • Selectable dwell times by screen. The indenter, load, and other test informations are showing clearly on the large LCD screen.
  • The directions for 0.102F/D2 ratios selecting according to the materials and hardness range can be showing on the screen.


  • Equipped with the special Brinell indention measure system which can measure the Brinell indention accurately, quickly, reliably. It is a new measuring method by using CCD camera to capture the indention image, instead of reading diameter from optical microscope by operator then calculating the test value.
  • The HBA-3000A tester can connect any PC with USB port and runing the SPC software, then the special software supplying simplest operation as following.


  • Both single testing and batch testing mode are available
  • Tolerance setting, distinguishing and alarming
  • Statistics values such as Max, Min, Avg, R and S are available
  • Convert test result to other scales, such as HRC, HRB, HRA, HV, σb
  • All test results and indention images are saved automatically
  • Test report created in Microsoft EXCEL format, can be edit, copy, print as you will
  • Software update freely

Standard configuration
    Host machine    1
    Standard block  125-350HBW10/3000    1
    Standard block  125-350HBW10/1000    1
    Ф10mm Tungsten Carbide Ball indenter    1
    Mounting screws for indenter    1
    Screwdriver for indenter mounting    1
    Flat anvil, 80mmx185mm    1
    Software disc    
    USB Key    1
    USB Cable    1
    Power supply wire    1
    Dust cover    1
Optional accessories:
    “V ”shape anvil, 80mmx185mm
    Standard blocks of other value
    Ф5mm Tungsten Carbide Ball indenter
    Ф2.5mm Tungsten Carbide Ball indenter
    Ф10mm Tungsten Carbide Ball
    Ф5mm Tungsten Carbide Ball
    Ф2.5mm Tungsten Carbide Ball

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